What I Learned Running A Half Marathon

It would always be challenging to join a half marathon. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow runners. At the same time, you can be competitive and there is no doubt you are going to push yourself to run as hard as you could. Since it was my first time running a half marathon, I learned a lot of things. When I keep these things in mind, I will be able to perform better in my next marathons so it would not be a total embarrassment. Here is what I learned running a half marathon:

Stretching is Important

Before the actual half marathon, it is important to warm up for a few minutes. Yes, that stretching is important because the last thing you would want to happen is to suffer from cramps in the middle of the race. The entire body should get stretched not just the arms and legs.

Practice Makes Perfect

I was not able to practice as often as I wanted to for the half marathon so I ended up getting tired a lot earlier than I expected. Next time, I will make sure that I will do short runs in order to prepare for the half marathon. While running, I knew the other runners practiced a lot and it sure benefited them in the end.

Hydrate Properly

It is important to drink water somewhere in the middle. If it is alright to bring water while running, then do it. Take a short break during the marathon and drink from the water bottle. You know you would need a lot of energy when it is time to resume the race. If not, you will end up consuming a lot of water when the race is over. Make sure that it is water and not energy drinks as those things contain a lot of sugar that will end up making you more thirsty than a few minutes ago.

Tie Shoelaces Properly

It is a must to tie those laces as properly as possible. In fact, it would be nice to double and triple tie them so that it won’t go off. The last thing you would want to do is to stop in the middle of the marathon just to tie your shoelaces. Imagine the amount of time you will be wasting while letting the people behind you zoom past by you. Now, you’re going to have to make an effort to catch up with them and it is a lot easier said than done.

Now that you know what you need to do next time there is a half marathon, it is not that important to win at all. You may get too tired if you push yourself a bit too much. The important thing is you have fun and lose a ton of calories. Yes, exercise is the main thing in this activity. It is also a great way to bond with your friends if they are also people who would want to run a half marathon.

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