What To see When Visiting Manila

When you ask locals where you can go to Manila as a tourist, you will most likely be referred to Fort Santiago. It is not such a bad idea as it is a place where history has taken place in the Philippines. From being taken over by the Japanese up to the Spanish era, this place will take you a trip down memory lane. There are some guided tours there but it is also possible to walk around then check out the place on the Internet for some neat information. That would be a lot cheaper and it is important to dedicate an entire day for this. Here are a few more tourist spots in Manila:

Mind Museum

When you have loved seeing how things work, this is the place to be. There are a lot of things that will explain itself and you are going to be shocked at how they work. Each exhibit will wow you like never before and you are going to wonder how they did that in the name of science. All the things there will certainly mess with your mind. The important thing is that you have a lot of fun and that is exactly what is going to happen.

Manila Baywalk

The Manila Baywalk is a long path along the sea. It is also full of nice restaurants and street vendors. It is even possible to do a picnic here and bring your own food. What’s more, it is the perfect way to take your date out for a night of looking at the stars. Yes, it is possible to sit at the edge of the walk. There is a portion of the Baywalk where there are a lot of people so better watch your personal belongings at all times.

Rizal Park

It is a pretty big park and it is also where the national here was shot and executed by Spanish invaders. For those who would want a quick stroll, this would be a pretty nice place to do it.

SM Mall of Asia

If it is one thing Manila is known for, it is the malls. Filipinos love going to malls to buy tons of stuff. They would also like to go there to just enjoy the coldness inside. SM Mall of Asia is not only the biggest mall in Manila but it is also the biggest mall in all of Asia which is why it is named that way. You will definitely get great exercise just by window shopping here.

Now that you know what to see when visiting Manila, don’t forget to go to places where you can eat some good food. Chinatown is a nice place to do that as the place is full of cheap restaurants that serve good food. There are some vegetarian options for those who want to eat plant-based food too. When you walk around all over Chinatown, you’re going to encounter a ton of sellers who sell cheap goods. Don’t be surprised if you end up buying more than you could ever imagine.

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