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How to Decorate Your Home for Relaxation and Anxiety Reduction

When it comes to decorating your home, there are many different ways to go about it. Some people prefer a sleek and modern look, while others prefer a more traditional style. However, one thing that all homeowners should consider is how their decor can help reduce stress and anxiety. In this blog post, we will discuss some simple tips for decorating your home in a way that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.

Tip #01: Add plants to your home.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home in a way that promotes relaxation is to add plants. Plants can help improve air quality, and they can also provide a sense of calm and peace. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider adding plants that don’t require a lot of care, such as succulents.

Tip #02: Use calming colors in your home.

Another easy way to reduce stress and anxiety in your home is to use calming colors. Some of the best colors for relaxation include pale blues, greens, and yellows. You can use these colors in your walls, furniture, and accessories.

Tip #03: Add natural elements to your home.

Adding natural elements to your home can also help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Natural elements such as wood, stone, and plants can help create a sense of calmness and peace. You can add these elements to your home through furniture, accessories, or even plants.

Tip #04: Use positive affirmations in your home.

Adding positive affirmations to your home can also help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Positive affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself that help boost your mood and increase self-confidence. You can add these statements to your walls, furniture, or even your accessories.

Tip #05: Create a cozy space in your home.

Creating a cozy space in your home is another great way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. A cozy space can be created with soft furniture, warm colors, and plenty of blankets and pillows. This is the perfect place to relax after a long day or to unwind before bed.

By following these simple tips, you can easily decorate your home in a way that reduces stress and anxiety. So, what are you waiting for? Start decorating today!

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The Best Insurance for Your Home: Choose Carefully

The average home is worth $200,000. That’s a lot of money to put on the line for something as important as insurance coverage during the worst case scenario. To help you determine which type of policy is best for your needs, we’ve created this list of pros and cons for each option:

– Homeowners Insurance –

Pros: Covers all structures on your property against damage from natural disasters or accidents that happen within your home.

Cons: Doesn’t cover any damages sustained outside of the house such as water damage due to a broken pipe in another room.

– Flood Insurance –

Pros: Covers damages caused by flooding from storms or other natural disasters with no limit on how much coverage you choose.

Cons: Coverage is only available for homes located in high risk areas and not all insurers offer the same coverage options.

– Renter’s Insurance –

Pros: Covers damage or loss to personal property such as jewelry, electronics, clothing etc. that may happen within your home without a deductible payment which helps you avoid paying for small damages.

Cons: Doesn’t cover any damage to the actual structure of your home or its appliances.

– Umbrella Insurance –

Pros: Covers above and beyond what homeowner’s insurance does for you with no limit on how much coverage is purchased. Some policies will even protect against libel, slander, defamation of character etc.

Cons: Can be expensive, depending on the amount of coverage you choose.

When it comes to making a decision about which insurance is best for your home, always weigh the pros and cons to see what will work best for your individual needs. Don’t forget that each policy has different exclusions so be sure to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. And if you’re ever unsure about which policy is right for you, be sure to contact an insurance agent who can help steer you in the right direction.

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Overwhelmed by Carpeting Options? You Don’t Have to Be! 3 Questions for Choosing the Right one for Your Home

Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of carpeting options and styles available to you? You’re not alone. Carpet can be a difficult decision because it is such an important part of your home’s decor. That’s why we’re here with 3 questions for choosing the right carpet for your needs!

1) What type of flooring do I currently have in my home?

This is an important question to ask yourself before you even begin looking at carpeting options. If you have hardwood floors and are considering adding carpet over them, you’ll need to choose a type of carpet that is compatible with your existing flooring. Likewise, if you have tile or linoleum in your home, you’ll want to choose a type of carpet that is appropriate for those surfaces.

Evaluate your existing flooring and choose the best option based on this information, as well as what you like or dislike about it.

2) Is there anything I don’t want on my carpets, like pets or small children?

Are you planning on having pets in your home? Small children? Then consider choosing a durable carpet that can stand up to the wear and tear of these situations. If this is not something you are concerned about, then make sure to choose a style or color that appeals to you! You may also want to look into stain-resistant carpets if you want to avoid the extra work of maintaining your carpet.

Do you have pets or children? What will they do on the carpets and how often will they be cleaned? Depending on the answers, look for a specific type of carpeting that meets these needs. If you have pets or children, look for carpets that are durable and resistant to stains. You might also need extra padding to protect your flooring.

3) What style am I looking for in a new rug – traditional, modern, etc.?

Once you figure out the type of carpeting that’s best for your home, it’s time to choose a color or pattern. We recommend choosing a style based on what you like and how much upkeep you want to do. If you’re going with traditional carpets, then go with neutrals such as beige or browns – these colors are easy to match with any home decor. If you’re looking for a more modern style, go with bolder colors or patterns that will really stand out in your home.

No matter what style of carpeting you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll be happy with for years to come!

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Bringing Beauty to Your Property with Unique Fences

Fences don’t always need to be the same. There is a wide range of fences to offer for different budgets and needs, but customers’ lives got easier by giving them more choices in their fencing materials. Whether you want a short fence around your garden or something taller for privacy, this article can help! These unique fences come in many different styles and colors so that you can show off your own personality with your property’s exterior.

  • Wooden fences are a natural choice for many homeowners. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and can be stained or painted to match your home’s exterior.
  • Chain link fences are perfect for keeping pets or children inside the yard, and they’re also one of the most affordable options.
  • Iron fences provide a touch of elegance and can be customized with different designs and finishes.
  • Vinyl fences are a great option for homeowners who want the look of wood without the maintenance.
  • Concrete fences are perfect for adding privacy and security to your property, and they come in many different colors and styles.

You can also add your own personality in it by:

  • Adding a gate
  • Putting up a sign
  • Hanging plants or flowers on the fence
  • Painting the fence a different color
  • Installing lighting along the fence line

No matter what style of fence you choose, it should suit your home and your needs. It should be uniquely you!


Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Living is an environment focused on the positive associations of the farmhouse environment. This may be equated to a cozy, quaint, traditional or rustic style. The cozy atmosphere is often associated with a quiet, peaceful and domestic setting.

Farmhouse living rooms are typically decorated with wood furniture that is either painted cedar or pine. Cottage style tables and chairs are normally chosen to compliment the wood furniture. Wood furniture is known to be a focal point and is often combined with floral accents such as ivy or herbs. For additional farmhouse living room furniture, wrought iron and other metal furniture may be chosen. For additional accessories, such as wall decor, wrought iron candle holders and other items that are not used on a daily basis, could be purchased at wholesale in bulk.

Farmhouse living rooms are not meant for formal dining. The seating is more along the lines of a relaxed family gathering. It is more comfortable than the seating commonly found in conventional dining rooms. In a few cases, a warm area rug may be placed on the floor. This rug is a great choice for underfoot comfort and will keep feet warm during the cooler evenings. In most cases, a cozy fire pit is located in the corner of the living space.

The layout of a farmhouse design typically includes one or more windows in the main living area. Depending on the layout, the windows may either be attached to the front or frontage of the house. In some farmhouse designs, a large picture window may be included as part of the farmhouse design. These pictures are typically very tastefully done with a white shiplap wall accent chair.

Farmhouse living room decor usually consists of light-colored woods and metal framed accent chairs. The furniture will be designed to look like it was put together on a farm. The rustic wooden side tables that accompany the chairs add a farmhouse look and touch. Wood has always been a classic way to create a country look.

The rustic wooden flooring is another detail of the farmhouse living area that adds a country look. The floors should be warm wood ceiling with exposed wooden beams. No need to install stone tiles. Just paint your floors a warm color and then stain the floor to match your new country style rug. The wooden rugs add warmth to the floors and can also serve as a place mat for children to sit.

Farmhouse living room decor ideas take a back seat to kitchen and dining room design when it comes to creating a relaxed and laid back lifestyle. But don’t worry because there is plenty of room in a farmhouse to spread out and relax. Paint colors must be light and neutral. Dark paint colors such as black, dark gray or navy blue are not recommended. For the kitchen you can go with earthy tones such as yellow, brown and terracotta. For dining rooms go with warm buttery tones of red, green and gold.

For windows and doors you can pick out trim accent pieces that match your color scheme and trim colors. To break up the large open space use several smaller panels. Install square or rectangular metal louvers in the center of one of the long white walls. Then install four chrome covered mirrors (four total) on the left and right side of the long white wall. For your farmhouse look a whole host of farmhouse accessories including: shiplap wall accents, coffee tables, antler chandeliers and a plethora of accent pieces will complete your living area make over.


When You Went To A Garden Party…

A while back my best friend went to a garden party. It was great because she met some really interesting people. And in this party she met this Chinese girl, fifteen years old, she looked about seven or eight years old. She also brought with her this hippie guy, in his twenties, he looked about thirty years old.

This girl was quite interesting and also very flirtatious, but it didn’t last too long because she met another Chinese guy, who was quite interesting, and also quite handsome. And he also fell in love with her. And now they were like “buddies.” I think they are meant to be, and he will probably marry her someday. We had such a good time that night, and the next day we met up again and had a nice lunch together.

Anyway, this guy liked the hippie and very cute girl, so he asked her to go with him to his place that weekend. And that weekend, there was no one at the house except for us, so we played a lot of games, and he taught me a few things. One thing he taught me, and I will never forget, was how to sing out harmony. That’s when I learned my lesson well you see, you can’t please everybody so ya got to please yourself people come, so ya got to please yourself, it’s a wise choice to make when you have a full bladder. Also, he told me not to worry about what others thought of me, because he said that most people don’t care about my problems or feelings at all.

He also told me not to be so mad at myself because I was having a bad day, and it was not too bad. He said he loved me and said that I should sing a song while we waited for everybody to arrive at our destination, and that song would be “Have You Been Drinking?” which by the way is an original and still one of my favorites. So, after we arrived at the place, we all sat around and enjoyed the weather, the plants, and the night.

When we were leaving the house, someone recognized me and asked if they could have my photo. It was my friend and the gardener who taught me how to sing, and he was so nice to give it to me. But, he said that he wasn’t sure whether I should sing it or not since he didn’t know me that well. I told him it was okay, and that it was one of my favorite songs, and I guess he knew. He gave me his card, and I sang it while we were leaving, and it ended up being one of my best singing moments from that Garden Party.

Everyone at that Garden Party was very kind, and treated everyone with so much respect. It was just really amazing, and it made me realize how much I love living in New York City. The people are so smart and there is always something going on, and you never know when you’re going o.k. I met so many great new friends at that garden party, and I will never forget those experiences. And since that Garden Party was my first experience with theatre, I thought it was such a wonderful experience.

The music at that Garden Party was excellent, and the crowd was definitely into it. It was definitely more fun at a garden party than it was at a bar or nightclub, because the environment at a garden party is much friendlier and relaxed. Everyone had a good time, and it was just so nice to meet so many interesting people. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Garden Party in the future, I suggest you do, because it is such a relaxing experience, and you get such amazing pictures.

A few weeks later I met some friends who are from Australia, and they introduced me to this very same gentleman, we hit it off really well, so you see what mistakes I can learn from. He invited me to his house, it was so nice, everything was perfect, just the two of us, no one else was there. It was just so nice, he invited me to his house to dinner, it was great, we talked for hours. He was so nice, and just genuinely kind. If you ever get the chance to know someone like this, then you need to do it, because he is a truly great person, and a great human being in every aspect. One identified with the quote “if you have the will to want something, then go for it” That is exactly what I learned from this gentleman.


Helping Preschools Grow Healthy Gardens With Fun Garden Activities

Garden activities for children can be a source of relaxation and enjoyment. When young children are left to their own devices they can often become bored and frustrated. They may pick at or pull the grass over again. These types of actions do not promote mental health.

Children should be encouraged to learn how to care for plants by learning about the four stages of growth. This knowledge can be applied in various types of gardening, from indoor planting to outdoor landscape maintenance. Children can also learn about the different types of seeds available to them from a local nursery. Gardening can be a rewarding hobby with the right tools. In the process they will develop a sense of responsibility and self-worth.

It is important for kids to get outdoors to experience the world around them. Outdoor gardening can provide a wonderful opportunity to get out of doors, see nature, and to interact with other children. It is also a great way to connect with other families. All garden activities should include clean water and adequate shade.

As kids get older, they can focus on specific garden activities that promote good physical health. Many parents of preschoolers encourage arts and crafts. Arts and crafts can range from painting to clay sculpture to woodworking. A visit to the local preschool is a good place to start.

For an entertaining day, parents can create a project with kids gardening activities and teach them how plants grow and mature. If space is limited, they can draw a map of where they plan to plant certain plants. This lesson plans can then be used at home to plan spring gardening activities.

Outdoor gardens can be decorated with lights and flowers to make it more attractive. This can provide fun ideas for summer garden activities. A simple flower bed can be covered with mulch and placed in the center of the yard. A fabric shade is a great cover over this area so that the sun’s heat will not cause the flowers to burn. Outdoor garden activities can include working in the garden to harvest the vegetables. Children may enjoy helping to plant vegetables, learning how to read the plants labels and watering them as the season progresses.

For educational garden activities that are not federally funded, there are many lesson plans that you can find online. These lesson plans will help kids with different levels of skill work and improve their confidence at gardening. You can use them to help teach your child about how hard work yields fruits and vegetables, the seasons when different plants grow and about how to care for the garden. You can also find free plans for school garden activities online.

When kids are young, they often like to plant seeds to attract bees to their garden. If this is done properly, you should be able to grow a whole crop of bees without any problems. Another fun garden activities to do with seeds is to plant tomatoes with seeds that produce small peppers. This can be a great way to get your children involved in growing their own food and getting into the gardening habit. As they get older, you can start taking them more seriously and teach them how to grow organic foods, prepare their own meals and take an active role in the garden.

Many people believe that doing fun garden activities outside is simply dressing up their lawn. However, if you take the time to research the many different types of plants and flowers available, you can create a beautiful garden that is durable and will last for years. You can also learn a lot about the history of gardening by taking part in public programs such as “Garden Tour America” and “Horticultural Schools.”

Gardening is a very popular hobby for kids and it doesn’t matter what type of garden you have, you can create many different types of activities. You can take time to walk around your neighborhood and look at all of the beautiful flowers that are waiting to be planted. Some people believe that taking gardening classes is a good way to get your children involved in the hobby earlier, however it is also possible to learn a lot about plants and how they grow by doing fun activities outdoors with your kids.

Preschoolers love plants, so why not start them young by teaching them how to plant plants and flowers in their own garden? You and your preschooler can set up a simple plan and then spend a few Saturday’s planting seeds and watching them grow. This is an easy activity that will help introduce children to gardening while providing them with a healthy diet of fresh air and sunshine. This activity will also give you and your child some fresh air and exercise during the hot summer months. If you plan to do this with your preschooler, then be sure to check with the school for their policies before trying to organize a garden activity.


Getting Creative With DIY Home Decor Projects

Many families these days enjoy spending time together doing a variety of DIY home decorating projects. The holidays are often great times for getting your family involved in your own home improvement projects. It is easy to get caught up in Christmas shopping and cooking and forget about decorating the house. Try these 5 easy Christmas party decorating ideas for kids!

One fun activity for Christmas is painting a star on the wall. This can be a very simple project that you and your kids can do together or you can have one of your kids take the lead on this one. The star activity can be a good project to pair with other holiday activities. Consider the patriotic DIY decorating projects below for some great ideas!

A fun project for Christmas with a patriotic theme is making a giant candy cane out of burlap. Start by gathering up a bunch of slightly rough brown paper. You will also need some sharp burlap ribbon, wire, star and maybe some other embellishments such as buttons or Christmas ornaments. Cut some burlap to fit the length of your jar. The best way to create a tight weave is to start stitching at one end and leave a long end loose.

If you want to try out some other types of diy home decor projects consider decorating with recycled materials. There are many recycled materials that you can use for a number of diy home decor projects. Recycled glass, metals, wood, paper, plastics and paper are just a few examples. Here are a few ideas for Christmas party decoration with recycled materials:

This fun activity is perfect for kids who love to draw. It only requires a supply of crayons, poster board, glue sticks and a few color pencils. Cut shapes out of your favorite cartoon characters and stick these shapes on the wall in different sizes, these shapes can be cut according to the size of the room.

In case you are looking for an easy DIY home decor projects to do this year, consider making homemade gutter covers. The gutter is the area at the roof edge that collects rainwater. Gutter covers not only provide visual interest in a home, they also protect your home’s siding from damage. The gutter can be a real pain to clean, so many people skip this step and leave their gutters without covers. Gutters help protect the rest of your home from damage as well. In case you don’t have gutter covers, you should seriously consider purchasing them.

Making homemade gutter covers is a fun project that kids and adults will both enjoy. All that you need for this fun little project are a couple of long twigs, some paper, pencils, scissors and a piece of cardboard. Take the twigs and cut about a quarter inch pieces each. Stick these twigs into the paper and along the bottom and sides of your gutter.

These twigs can serve as a sort of joke to other ideas in diy home decor projects. A fun little experiment to try is to stick some paper towels along the edges of the burlap wreath. Stick balloons or flowers onto these paper towels and you now have your very own funny little stick party. These and other similar projects are great ways to make the holidays even more festive.

For example, you can make pretty patriotic stencils using red, white and blue colors. Simply start out by cutting out the shapes from a box of construction paper. Then, use the paints and markers to color in the outline of the items you want to stencil. There are so many creative things you can do with simple items such as cans, hats or anything else.

Other fun DIY home decor projects include a variation on the color block theme. Instead of making the colors of the project you’re working on match, why not make them clash? Try sticking red candy canisters to your Christmas tree and pulling the strings on the candy canisters until they stick to the tree. This is a fun project that kids love to do and it’s an idea that will keep them from getting creative. Another creative project is to take an X-box game cartridge and stick a red, white and blue bumper sticker onto it.

In addition to these fun and easy DIY home decor projects, you can also purchase art supplies including paint sticks, stencils and coloring books. If you’re a beginner at painting, you can purchase a starter paint sticks in a variety of colors and learn to master the tools you need to create masterpieces. If you’re a natural when it comes to color, why not try to learn to do sketches? If you’re feeling more adventurous, try getting one of those little felt arts that allow you to put color and design together in a unique way.


How To Create Cheap And Easy DIY Decor Ideas

DIY decorating is a popular decorating idea at the moment and for good reason. It’s easy, the colour combinations are limitless, and most importantly, you can easily modify it for any occasion or season. The best news is that you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to have some really interesting results in your home. What are some cheap DIY decorating ideas? Stringing artwork, lace, candles, and wall hangings are all cheap and easy to create and add a touch of individual flare to your home.

Spring is a great time of year to bring life back into your home. Flowers, shrubs, hedges and trees are bursting with colour thanks to the sunshine and the early rains. This is also a great time to bring out your DIY decorating skills and create some wonderful DIY floral and chic DIY decor. String your favourite flowers from your garden or buy a beautiful spring painting and hang it on the wall.

You can create DIY paper flowers by cutting a sheet of paper into long strips and gluing them to the walls or the table. There is also a DIY paper flower spray that you spray onto the paintwork before you paint. This spray will ensure that the colours won’t fade and wash away easily. Spray the flowers onto your room using the DIY paper flower tutorial and leave to dry.

Many people look forward to DIY Christmas decorating ideas because they know that this is their chance to make their home a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will last all year through. Take time to visit garage sales and estate sales and stock up on unique items that you don’t already have. These can all be incorporated into a unique diy decor idea for the holidays. As well as stock up on nativity sets, which are usually sold at Christmas time, you can also buy wreaths, reindeer and star balls. Add these to your existing DIY Christmas decoration items.

Cheap and easy to use cheap Christmas ornaments such as tinsel, beads and sequins are great for incorporating into any DIY theme. If you already have some on your shelf then why not paint them? Try adding glitter, gold or silver particles and paint the outer surface of the beads. Paint small sparkly stars onto the glass balls to give a cheap and chic update to your existing DIY Christmas paint pots.

Use recycled materials whenever possible to save you money and the environment. If you can recycle an item you will save the environment and utilise something that you wouldn’t normally use. Searching online and in your local area for inspiration are a great way of coming up with some cheap DIY decor Christmas ideas. There is so much choice for Christmas this year it’s great fun coming up with something original, and I’ve included a few ideas below for your inspiration.

A very cheap and simple way of updating your current DIY Christmas decoration ideas would be to buy old Christmas cards that have festive designs and then re-use the front flap and glue to create something brand new. You could either make a cover for them or just leave them in their folded state. Another great idea is to buy a load of wool threads and make a scarf using them. This is especially good if you have a cute baby Christmas jumper that you don’t want to let go of! Wrap it round the entire tree, adding fancy ribbon to tie around the base of the tree for added effect, if you’re feeling extra creative then tie one end to the baby’s foot or use a charm, brooch or nail file to turn the wool into a beautiful scarf.

Christmas is all about imagination, so why not try making or buying some unusual or unique items to add to your home. Why not buy or make an ornamental birdhouse to display at home? Or maybe you could purchase a ‘belly’ for your Christmas turkey, perhaps decorated with shiny balls and ribbons. What child doesn’t love a teddy bear that is suspended from the ceiling or a star made out of household items. If you’re creative and imaginative, you will come up with lots of other ideas and maybe even find that you have some DIY decor ideas of your own.


DIY Room Decor Designs

Looking for some cheap DIY room decor? Many individuals desire a vintage feel in their own home, but sometimes it can be rather difficult to attain without splurging a great deal of cash. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive ways that you too can create your own DIY vintage room decor! You could, for instance, utilize old furniture such as an old dresser or armoire, or perhaps you could create curtains from vintage style fabric. Either way, these tips will allow you to come up with some cheap decor options that will not only look great in your home, but also cost a fraction of what a similarly themed decor would cost.

A great place to begin with your DIY room decor is the wardrobe closet. You can choose to create a stunning and unique design by hanging a vintage wardrobe from the ceiling or choosing a unique mirrored wall hanging. This can be paired with a vintage bed frame or with a beautiful floor lamp and accentuated with artwork, knick knacks, or textiles. A couple of other cheap decorating tips include using paint and stenciling to give your walls a vintage flair, using vintage fabrics for window treatments or throw pillows, and adding some old world charm to your bedroom by hanging antiques on the bed rails and dressing tables.

If you’re not interested in creating your own DIY room decor vintage ideas for your bedroom, then you might want to try searching for some vintage designs on the web. Websites such as Vintage bedroom sets can offer some beautiful and affordable sets that will match any decorating theme. With such a wide selection to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect set for your home. Many of these sets include all the pieces needed for your entire bedroom from a bed frame, headboard, footboard, and dresser to a cozy night stand and accentuated with decorative pieces such as a vintage bed pillow or an old-time vanity.

If you are not a fan of the idea of building a vintage wardrobe from scratch, you may also opt to purchase one. You should definitely check out a set when you do this so that it matches your existing bedroom decor. Just make sure that the finish of your new vintage set matches the other items in your bedroom. The finish of the piece should be comfortable and practical at the same time. You can also add vintage decorations to your set for a more unique look. These decorations can include textiles, lace, beadwork, and more.

For a truly authentic and rustic DIY decor DIY ideas, try decorating your walls with a piece of plywood and paint. Use the paint to create a grainy effect and then apply on board to help bring out the colors of the plywood. Finally, mount your plywood on your wall using px brackets and hang up your new DIY wall decor!

One of the easiest DIY decor ideas is to create unique wall hangings that coordinate with the colors of your dorm room. Try creating unique pictures out of empty milk jugs or use a cute polka dot pattern to create unique photo frames and mirrors. There are plenty of ways to personalize the look of your dorm room without having to spend a lot of money on expensive furnishings. Try using inexpensive embellishments such as stickers, stencils, glitter, and paint chips to spruce up your walls without breaking the bank.

One of the easiest DIY crafts to try out is a wonderful way to spruce up any dorm room with inexpensive decorations. Homemade craft projects such as unique picture frames and mirror covers can give your room a sweet and unique look that is sure to impress your friends and family when they visit. Try making your own unique bookends for your bed using a cardboard cutout of a book cover and adding a personal touch of your own. You can use a soldering iron to add decorations to wooden bookcases or an old CD case that will make a great project for the fall and winter months. There are numerous other DIY crafts that are fun for young and old alike. Read on to get some more DIY dorm room decor ideas!

DIY crafts and DIY furniture are all the rage in today’s modern housing market. It is not unusual to see a variety of different styles of furniture and vintage designs in the bedrooms of modern apartment dwellers. If you want to add a unique and stylish touch to your living room, consider DIY furniture or DIY fabrics. Both of these projects will add a great deal of character and personality to the modern look of your living room!