When You Went To A Garden Party…

A while back my best friend went to a garden party. It was great because she met some really interesting people. And in this party she met this Chinese girl, fifteen years old, she looked about seven or eight years old. She also brought with her this hippie guy, in his twenties, he looked about thirty years old.

This girl was quite interesting and also very flirtatious, but it didn’t last too long because she met another Chinese guy, who was quite interesting, and also quite handsome. And he also fell in love with her. And now they were like “buddies.” I think they are meant to be, and he will probably marry her someday. We had such a good time that night, and the next day we met up again and had a nice lunch together.

Anyway, this guy liked the hippie and very cute girl, so he asked her to go with him to his place that weekend. And that weekend, there was no one at the house except for us, so we played a lot of games, and he taught me a few things. One thing he taught me, and I will never forget, was how to sing out harmony. That’s when I learned my lesson well you see, you can’t please everybody so ya got to please yourself people come, so ya got to please yourself, it’s a wise choice to make when you have a full bladder. Also, he told me not to worry about what others thought of me, because he said that most people don’t care about my problems or feelings at all.

He also told me not to be so mad at myself because I was having a bad day, and it was not too bad. He said he loved me and said that I should sing a song while we waited for everybody to arrive at our destination, and that song would be “Have You Been Drinking?” which by the way is an original and still one of my favorites. So, after we arrived at the place, we all sat around and enjoyed the weather, the plants, and the night.

When we were leaving the house, someone recognized me and asked if they could have my photo. It was my friend and the gardener who taught me how to sing, and he was so nice to give it to me. But, he said that he wasn’t sure whether I should sing it or not since he didn’t know me that well. I told him it was okay, and that it was one of my favorite songs, and I guess he knew. He gave me his card, and I sang it while we were leaving, and it ended up being one of my best singing moments from that Garden Party.

Everyone at that Garden Party was very kind, and treated everyone with so much respect. It was just really amazing, and it made me realize how much I love living in New York City. The people are so smart and there is always something going on, and you never know when you’re going o.k. I met so many great new friends at that garden party, and I will never forget those experiences. And since that Garden Party was my first experience with theatre, I thought it was such a wonderful experience.

The music at that Garden Party was excellent, and the crowd was definitely into it. It was definitely more fun at a garden party than it was at a bar or nightclub, because the environment at a garden party is much friendlier and relaxed. Everyone had a good time, and it was just so nice to meet so many interesting people. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Garden Party in the future, I suggest you do, because it is such a relaxing experience, and you get such amazing pictures.

A few weeks later I met some friends who are from Australia, and they introduced me to this very same gentleman, we hit it off really well, so you see what mistakes I can learn from. He invited me to his house, it was so nice, everything was perfect, just the two of us, no one else was there. It was just so nice, he invited me to his house to dinner, it was great, we talked for hours. He was so nice, and just genuinely kind. If you ever get the chance to know someone like this, then you need to do it, because he is a truly great person, and a great human being in every aspect. One identified with the quote “if you have the will to want something, then go for it” That is exactly what I learned from this gentleman.

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